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Piano & Organ Hymns Audio Files

This Audio File contains 116 hymns, played by Pastor Joseph Shwe of the MaeSot Baptist Church in MaeSot, Thailand. Pastor Joseph is a very talented musician who made this audio file with the goal of providing hymn music that could be played in both church and home settings. Each song contains an introduction and three or four verses with chorus.

MP3 Format

The files are in MP3 format which can be played on computers and CD players that can also play MP3 songs.

Pastor Joseph Shwe

Hear samples of these songs

Standing on the Promises

To God be the Glory

List of Hymns

Download Piano & Organ Hymns Audio Files

Download the file 'Piano & Organ Hymns.exe' to your computer.

Then double click on the file 'Piano & Organ Hymns.exe' and the 116 Hymns will be extracted to the directory of your choice.

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